Tuesday, 5 November 2013

About Corliss Online Financial Mag

Corliss Group Online Financial Mag is a stock-market education website designed to teach beginners how to trade shares. Corliss Group Online Financial Mag does this in a manner easy to understand and uses only relevant and essential information required to trade shares on the stock market.

Corliss Group Online Financial Mag was formed because of the lack of stock-market-related websites that impart the steps required to begin trading safely; thus, our step-by-step guide to buying shares.

Our goals are to:

§  Teach people how to become investors.
§  Teach the fundamentals of the stock market.
§  Share with people the best tools needed for trading.
§  Break the myth that the stock market is only for wealthy and intelligent people.

§  Break the myth that trading on the stock market is exceedingly risky.

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